100g natural Unrefined Shea Butter 2016 Hot Pure Organic Essential Oils Cream Lip Balm Moisturizing Skin Care Shea Butter YangXi

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    Age Group: Babies;NET WT: 100g;Capacity: Random;Ingredient: natural Unrefined Shea;Production: Face Cream/Skin Cream;Model Number: 00121;SPF: 0;


    natural Unrefined Shea Butter 2016 Hot Pure Organic Essential Oils Cream Lip Balm Moisturizing Skin Care Shea Butter

    Grease Introduction


    Shea native to Africa, is a species with a magical effect of maintenance, due to the current still can not artificially planted, grown entirely in the natural way, it only grows in the West African savannah areas. It is said that Burkina Faso in West Africa region, any pick Shea is prohibited, they only harvest the nuts fall to the ground, then dried stone fruit, cold way to extract precious oil to shea butter , shea butter contains approximately 40-50% of the oil, at the local, only women are familiar with shea butter extraction technology, so Shea Butter has been called: a woman's gold!



    It contains saponifiable fat and fatty acid, cinnamic acid and other ingredients, in addition to moisturize the skin characteristic, has the effect of absorbing ultraviolet rays, it is a natural sunscreen. In addition, Shea butter also contain plant sterols (Phytosterols) and vitamin E, which is the most precious shea butter skin care value lies, which has excellent repair, anti-inflammatory and skin healing properties, most suitable for babies and allergic skin people use, due to the shea butter ingredients such points as high as 8% (generally vegetable oil for less than 1%), which is sufficient to explain why shea butter to itching and other skin inflammation situation is having what magic effect.



    1990 Jan dekker with shea butter made an example of anti-aging clinical trials, a total of 30 aged between 29-82 years who participated in the experiment. Volunteer day with shea butter made from balsam for massage once, after 4-8 months, all the people of the skin has improved a great deal:


    A. Epidermis Appearance: pale yellow after a few weeks after use of rough dry skin becomes smooth and clean.


    B. Skin texture becomes very delicate, it can be observed significant skin renewal phenomenon: It may be shea oil unsaponifiable matter can resist ultraviolet UV-B, and to promote the synthesis of collagen.


    C. Because obviously reduce wrinkles caused by sun exposure photoaging


    Visible shea butter is an effective anti-aging active substances.


    Care and regeneration: another clinical trial to study the effect of shea butter for dry skin, delicate skin and aged skin type, a total of 49 people participated in the experiment, secondary use pure shea oil per day or 15% of milk Main products shea butter smear skin, using the above two main products have been similar results:



    A.70% of people find products to patients with dermatitis, sunburn and skin wounds significantly promote healing


    B.75% of people significantly reduced wrinkles, skin becomes rich.


    Moisturizing properties: namely, containing 5% shea butter cream and the same side of the matrix but not Shea Butter cream coated in 10 volunteer forearm skin conductance test was applied at the place and uncoated rate difference. The results showed that shea butter has a short-term moisturizing, moisturizing effect of holding time of 8 hours, and then once a day for all the use of volunteers, shea butter on the skin surface have a good long-term moisturizing effect


    To promote shea butter this magical plant, the United States ASBI Shea Butter Association (American Butter Institute), also specifically listed using shea butter of 21 kinds of reasons:


    1, Dry Skin;


    2, Skin Rash;


    3, After-sun Skin Peeling;


    4, Wrinkles;


    5, Itching;


    6, Sunburn;


    7, Soothing Shave With Shaving Cream;


    8, Minor Wounds;


    9, Skin Laceration;


    10, Foot rough;


    11, Against The Cold and Dry Climate;


    12, Frostbite;


    13, Pregnant Women, Stretch Marks Prevention;


    14, Insect Bites;


    15, So Long Healthy Skin;


    16, Muscle Fatigue, Soreness;


    17, Before and After Strenuous Exercise and Maintenance;


    18, Poison Ivy and Other Skin Allergies Caused;


    19, Eczema;


    20, Dermatitis;


    21, Skin Burns.



    this product belongs to, unrefined shea butter,

    is not to add anything, itself some smell,

    and the bag is sealed, only when open,

    the smell will be relatively thick,


    You can put the product in the refrigerator to refrigerate,The smell will be light As for the color,

    the display on the different colors are different,


    and the product is placed in the dark background of the film,

    naturally different