Spring Cap Commuting Simple Leisure European and American Fashion Autumn Hat Female 2020 sombrero mujer for women woman

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Welcome to TANLIN shop, our shop is a clothing store, the main business of the four seasons of  spring, summer and autumn winter fashion clothes and clothing accessories, it is half a formal style, suitable for the club, club, bachelor party, PROM, nightclubs, clubs, bridal shower, cocktail party, party, wedding guests, homecoming, graduation ceremony, dinner, Halloween holiday, the day and go out any special occasion.At present, we are selling women's swimsuits, women's skirts, women's T-shirts, women's blouses, women's pants, Suspenders, vest, shirt, chiffon shirt.hats and other products made of pure cotton, wool, nylon, etc. In the future, we will also sell men's clothes, bags, shoes, belts, veils, children's clothes, underwear, bras, pajamas and other products. Please wait!Because it is a new store, so many preferential before setting, sometimes, met a big promotion platform, the product of the discount is not set, our all products, will be in 5 fold, 6 fold or more discount for sale, if you are interested, you can focus on and collect our store, so, you can ask me to coupons and greater discount, thank you very much!

Fabric: polyester 66% acrylic 18% wool 16%

Accessories: cowhide 100%

Lining: polyester 90% cotton 10%


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