Sexy Women Blue Latex Swimsuit Sleeveless Rubber Bodysuit Jumpsuit Aerobics Outfit with Button

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Love latex full bodysuits ! Let you love wearing latex is wonderful feeling ! All of our latex are made of 100% pure nature latex piece, nice elasticity, Do not contain any filling material, had no effect on human health, and pure hand-made clipping.


Top quality natural latex made women's clothes, catsuits, latex dresses, latex suits, complete standard sizes, plus custom tailor, multiple beautiful colors to select from. Please don't miss this if you are a latex lover.

*Please make sure to read our size chart, and how to measure tip when order.
*Special patterns, such as spidey suit by latex, color can't be changed
*If you are in love with a style not at our store yet, please email and we'd be glad to provide custom tailor service for you.




1. Material: 100% Natural latex piece.

2. Can be tailor-made according to the size of the customer, Please provide the height, bust, waist, hip etc.

3. Can custom tailor according to customer's design or pictures, like cosplay.

4. Color selection with reference to the following color swatches.

5. Product detail as below pictures show.

6. Sandard size table as below.

7. The thickness of the available 0.3mm, 0.4mm, 0.45mm, 0.6mm, 0.8mm etc. (need add extra fee for thicker material) 


 Unisex Latex bathing suit rubber swimwear,, sleeveless design for the latex swimsuit women, skin tight latex jumpsuit with button , custom color, custom size 


Sexy-Women-Blue-Latex-Swimsuit-Sleeveless-Rubber-Bodysuit-Jumpsuit-Aerobics-Outfit-with-Button-4 Sexy-Women-Blue-Latex-Swimsuit-Sleeveless-Rubber-Bodysuit-Jumpsuit-Aerobics-Outfit-with-Button-1 Sexy-Women-Blue-Latex-Swimsuit-Sleeveless-Rubber-Bodysuit-Jumpsuit-Aerobics-Outfit-with-Button-2 Sexy-Women-Blue-Latex-Swimsuit-Sleeveless-Rubber-Bodysuit-Jumpsuit-Aerobics-Outfit-with-Button-3 Sexy-Women-Blue-Latex-Swimsuit-Sleeveless-Rubber-Bodysuit-Jumpsuit-Aerobics-Outfit-with-Button-5

Attention please:
1. The picture looks bright and shining,it's because we spray brightener,the product you receive will not look bright as the picture. To shine, we recommend you use a silicone based polish, such as 'Eros Bodyglide' or 'Eros Cult Dressing Aid'.
2. As the different elasticity of fabric, there may be a deviation about 3-5cm,please fill in your height,weight and BWH(Bust, Waist, Hip)
3. The color of the products may slightly vary from the pictures shown due to lighting condition, shooting angle, different monitor and etc.

4. Because we view images from different computers screens, there may be slight color deviation. Please take this into consideration before purchase.


Size Chart

Please make sure to check our size chart before purchase. It' s accurate size of the clothes you will get.

Man's Measurement Chart   
Torso Length (cm) 146cm 150cm 154cm 159cm 163cm 169cm
Neck (cm) 36cm 38cm 40cm 42cm 44cm 46cm
Chest (cm) 91cm 96cm 102cm 107cm 112cm 117cm
Sleeve Length (cm) 54cm 56cm 58cm 60cm 62cm 64cm
Waist (cm) 71cm 76cm 81cm 86cm 91cm 96cm
Inseam (cm) 66cm 68cm 70cm 72cm 74cm 76cm
Total Body height (cm) 165cm 170cm 175cm 180cm 185cm 190cm
Man's Stockings            
Inseam 66cm 68cm 70cm 72cm 74cm 76cm
Middle thigh 44cm 46cm 48cm 50cm 52.5cm 55cm
Knee 36cm 38cm 40cm 42cm 44.5cm 47cm
Ankle 20cm 21.5cm 23cm 24.5cm 26cm 28cm
Foot Length 24cm 25cm 26cm 27cm 28cm 29cm
Forehead   54cm 56cm 58cm 60cm 62cm
Woman's Measurement Chart    
Torso Length (cm) 138cm 142cm 146cm 150cm 154cm 158cm
Bust (cm) 81cm 86cm 91cm 96cm 102cm 107cm
Cup Size A A B C D E
Sleeve Length (cm) 51cm 53cm 55cm 57cm 59cm 61cm
Waist (cm) 57cm 61cm 66cm 71cm 76cm 81cm
Hip (cm) 86cm 91cm 96cm 102cm 107cm 112cm
Inseam (cm) 68cm 70cm 72cm 74cm 76cm 78cm
Total Body height (cm) 160cm 165cm 170cm 175cm 178cm 182cm
Woman's Stockings            
Inseam 68cm 70cm 72cm 74cm 76cm 78cm
Middle thigh 42cm 44cm 46cm 48cm 50cm 52cm
Knee 32cm 34cm 36cm 38cm 40cm 42cm
Ankle 19cm 20cm 21cm 22cm 23.5cm 25cm
Foot Length 21cm 22cm 23cm 24cm 25cm 26cm
Forehead   52cm 54cm 56cm 58cm 60cm



This is female style, so your size will be default categorized as female size. If you have special request, please email us.


If you give us custom sizes to tailor from, please specify whether it's your body size or clothes size you need. If body size, we may shrink a little bit for some styles which need skin-tight effects. If you need custom made pls kindly let me know your measurements as below:


Custom Tailor

We encourage you to get us your measures and we will tailor specially for you. There's only extra fee if your measure's bigger than XXL, we charge a small extra material fee, plus extra shipping.

Very Important:

* Get another person to measure for you, while you stand up at ease. Please don't measure yourself, because it  won't be accurate at all.
* If you are not experienced with this, please find an alteration shop to do this.
* If you already have latex clothes and know exactly the measure of the clothes, you could get us that instead of body measure, with a note it's clothes size.
* If you get us your body size, please note us it's body size, and whether you want it shrink 1-2cm to make it more skin-tight.


How To Measure

Here's a brief explanation for how to measure yourself.


Color Chart

Below is a list of all the colors you could select from. If the suit comes with more than 1 color, please make it clear at the Note field in checkout how you want. Please notice that slight color deviation is hard to totally avoid.

Natural Latex Colors


Tips for Shopping:

For every style there are black, red, blue, white, transparent and coffee colors for your selection, plus other colors listed below Color selection.

Please check our size chart before you select a standard size.

We offer custom tailor for free. Please follow the instructions about How to Measure, and give us your sizes. There may be slight size difference, but we will follow your sizes strictly in the tailor process.

Please don't buy if you are allergic to latex.


Tips for Wear:

Try to avoid the scrub by fingernails when wear. The suits are tailored by natural latex, so any sticky things may create damage to it.

Don't use too much force when put on the suit.

There's often sweat inside after wear. You don't have to wash every time. Scrub with the wet towel then spread some baby powder will be fine.

Wrap with paper bag and store the catsuit at dark and dry places, avoiding acid,alkali, and direct sunshine.


15-20 days process time + shipping time = Your clothes arrival time.

Cancel and Return Policy
Even standard size dresses are made to order for each customers. The custom nature of our dresses means our cancellation and Return Policy is stricter than other items, so it's important to order carefully



Latex Finishes and Maintain

Generally your latex clothes comes as dull. It's the natural latex condition without oil.


Silicone Outside
Spray silicone oil with a soft sponge on the surface of latex suit could achieve the shiny effects shown in our photos.


Silicone Inside and Outside
Spray talcum powder or dressing aid oil inside the suit, or on your skin, could help putting on clothes.
Wipe off any excess talc on the outside of the garment with a soft clean damp cloth, rinse cloth and repeat process until all the talcum powder has been removed.
Spray silicone oil with a soft sponge on the surface of latex suit could achieve the shiny effects shown in our photos.


* Avoid contact with any sharp or sticky things, including your finger nails.
* Spray talcum powder or dressing aid oil inside the suit, or on your skin, could help putting on clothes.
*Wipe off any excess talc on the outside of the garment with a soft clean damp cloth, rinse cloth and repeat process until all the talcum powder has been removed.


* Wash in warm water with a small amount of mild detergent make sure to wash inside & out. Rinse thoroughly.
* Shake away excess water & dry flat.
* When garment is completely dry, dust the inside with talc.


* Natural gloss of latex rubber can be enhanced by light polishing with a silicone spray.
* The latex clothes as shown in our photos, are sprayed with oil for the degree of shine.


When not in use, store in a dark place or cover with a protective material such as a black plastic bag. Do not store different coloured rubber together as darker colours may stain lighter colours.


Very Important- Do Not!
Do not leave on or near heaters.
Do not leave in damp or moist conditions.
Do not tumble dry, iron, dry clean or bleach.
Avoid contact with oils, solvents & greases as they will destroy the rubber.
Do not leave exposed to direct sunlight or artificial light (i.e. fluorescent lighting).
Do not allow to come into contact with copper, brass or bronze as this may stain the rubber.