Retro Fixed Gear Bicycle Portable Commuter Adult Bike

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1.Aluminum alloy handlebar Aluminum alloy handlebars, goose heads, thickened materials, light weight, strong stability, can improve riding comfort. 2.Retro car basket Increase the weight of the retro car basket. 3.Extended turn quick release Easy to operate, the speed is increased by 5 times, and the height of the seat is quickly raised.

4.Soft saddle The saddle is made of an environmentally-friendly leather case with good softness and elasticity, so that you are not tired for a long time. 5.Color chain cover The new color sprocket cover has a beautiful appearance and is durable. 6.Galvanized hanger The rear hanger is made of high carbon steel and galvanized paint. It has high load-bearing capacity and is convenient and practical.

7.Clamp gate Clamp-type brakes, high brake sensitivity, with British brakes, riding safer. 8.Rear brake Special brake brake, the brake is more stable, the brake sensitivity is high, and the ride is safer.

The wheel tyre has staggered rubber anti-skid pattern. The ring adopts color knife ring with brake edge. The brake is more sensitive. The spoke is galvanized.

The upper and lower sides of the pedal are provided with anti-skid teeth, so that it is not easy to skid while riding, and it is safer to ride.

Size Description

20 inch Dimension Description Captain: 148CM Ring Size: 42CM Seat Off Head: 46CM Seat off the ground: 55-70CM Handlebars off the ground: 58-80CM Suitable height: 130-155CM 24 inch Dimension Description Captain: 170CM Ring Size: 52CM Seat Off Head: 51CM Seat off the ground: 65-85CM Handlebars off the ground: 90-100CM Suitable height: 150-170CM 26 inch Dimension Description Captain: 179CM Ring Size: 58CM Seat Off Head: 52CM Seat off the ground: 75-90CM Handlebars off the ground: 95-110CM Suitable height: 165-180CM

Special announcement

Buyers should watch video when installing bicycles. When installing pedals, pay attention to distinguishing left from left and right "R" (left to left, right to right) and install pedals for the first time. Tighten them with the plum wrench we sent you. Otherwise, the pedals will not be tightened. This kind of situation belongs to people. For damage, it is not covered by warranty; if there is any problem, the buyer will pay for the parts. Parts are expensive. Please pay special attention to them before installation. If you have any questions, please contact us first.