Prescription Glasses Optical Lenses Women Men Myopia Hyperopia Astigmatism Anti Reflective Blue Light 1.56 1.67 1.74 Thin Lens

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Please leave me the prescription of your eyes .


1. Right eye (R): myopia/hyperopia __ degrees, astigmatism __ degrees, astigmatism axis __,

2. Left eye (L): myopia/hyperopia__ degrees, astigmatism __ degrees, astigmatism axis __,
3. Distance (PD): ___mm ??(mm) ?

If you have +0.25 or -0.25, the glasses need to customrized ,contact with me ,please .

If have no astigmatism, only need to fill in the degree of closeness and distance.
Like this data :
If you do not know the PD? No worries ,Measure it by yourself .
How to Chose the Optical Lenses? 
?1.56 suit for 1.0D-4.0D
1.61 suit for 1.0D-6.0D
1.67 suit for 1.0D-8.0D
What is the Anti Blue Light?
What is the Aspheric Lenses?




Kindly Note:

1,Lenses are custom made and cannot be returned that make order 3 hours.So Please provide accurate degrees for myopia/hyperopia.
2,Also tell you, because the lens is a custom product, can not be sold twice, so there is no quality problem with the lens is not refundable.I hope you understand?