Photochromic Glasses Myopia Presbyopia Prescription Optical Eyewear Progressive Multifocal Lenses Prescription 1.56 1.61 1.67

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This lens is suitable for prescription for astigmatism (CYL) 200.

If your astigmatism is greater than 200 and less than 400, please purchase two identical links;

if your astigmatism is greater than 400, please purchase 3 identical links.

If you are not sure how to choose and purchase lenses, please contact our customer service.

1.56 Aspheric Lenses suggestion power:

     SPH: -0.25 ~ -3.00;CYL: -0.25~-2.00

     SPH: +0.25~+3.00;CYL:+0.00~+2.00


1.61 Aspheric Lenses suggestion power:

     SPH: -1.00 ~ -4.50;CYL: -0.25~-2.00

     SPH: +1.00~+4.50;CYL:+0.00~+2.00


1.67 Aspheric Lenses suggestion power:

     SPH: -3.00 ~ -70.0;CYL: -0.25~-2.00

     SPH: +3.00~+70.0;CYL:+0.00~+2.00






Prescription  Report

Data for reference only, please kindly advised your own real data .



Product Details
The optical stores have a wide variety Lenses, While you do not have idea which lenses to choose.
What's aspheric lenses? what's Anti-radiation green film lenses? What's the difference of 1.56,1.61 and 1.67?
Let me explain to you!








1.What is Aspheric lenses?



2. What is Anti-radiation Lenses?


3. What's the different between 1.56, 1.61, 1.67?


Please offer below information to us!

If your eyes have cylinder, please provide the power of cylinder and axis

      For example:
      1.Diopter(S), 2. Pupil distance(PD), 3.Cylinder(C),4.Astigmatism(A)


If your eyes do not have cylinder, please provide the data as below:

      1.Diopter(S), 2. Pupil distance(PD).
If you have the prescription report as below, pls send us .
About PD: (pupil distance, the distance between the centre of left eye with the centre of right eye)
How to measure the PD.
If it's inconvenience to go to optical shop or hospital, you can ask your family or friends help you to measure it in below method.
How to get the upper data?
1. Go the hospital
2. Go to the professional optical store

3. Use the old data that tested within 2 years.