Phoenix 24"26''Mountain Bike 21/27 Speed Mens Women Steel Bicycle MTB Suspension Fork Bicycle Student off-road Cycling Bike

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Phoenix 24"26''27.5" Mountain Bike 21/27 Speed Mens Steel Bicycle  MTB Suspension Fork Bicycle Cycling off-road Student Bike

 Product Feature:

-Good-qualified technology
smooth and thickening pipe 
hundred-year brand Shanghai Phoenix official warrant
-Easy to deal with road conditions  
cobbled road
-Configuration detail
Qilong rear derailleur
Taiwan 21 speed derailleur
Qilong rear derailleur
-Taiwan 21 speed derailleur
-Brake system 
multilateral particle, 
increasing the friction force
ingenious pattern of tire
-Taiwan Kenda off-road tire 
fixed front fox
thickening shock absorber 
thickening shell
-Thickening suspension front fox 
-Phoenix MTB professional chain wheel 

Please visit the homepage of our store i f you want more products.Thank you!

Please visit the homepage of our store i f you want more products.Thank you!


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