Outdoor Camping Waterproof Emergency Rescue Survival Blanket Life-saving Foil Thermal First Aid Thermal Insulation Mylar Blanket

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Keeping warm,anti-cold,block the sunlight; first aid; reflective saving; 
used for the stretcher; dressing wounds; to do the rope; mats; poncho;
anti-nuclear  contamination



  • Emergency blanket can be used to cover the body, preventing body temperature from sharp declining after accidents.
  • Emergency blanket can be used as reflective film, send a signal to rescuers.
  • The vehicle broke down in cold areas or at night, can keep the body warm.
  • Emergency blanket used as a poncho in the rain.
  • Put in the sleeping bags, better insulation.
  • Can be used as Shelter, Ground Cover, Blanket, etc.
  • Should immediately use emergency blanket When under low temperature environment
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