New Fashion Sexy Bodysuit Jumpsuit Lace Satin Silk Sleepwear Lingerie Underwear backwoods onsie ???????? ???????? ???????? FD3

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New Fashion Sexy Bodysuit Jumpsuit Lace Satin Silk Sleepwear Lingerie Underwear

Product information:

Material: Polyester

Neckline: V-neck

Season: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter

Style: sexy

Type: Jumpsuit

Where: Honeymoon, wedding night, lingerie party, pajamas, Valentine's Day, etc.

Packaging: 1 piece suit


Lingerie makes you more attractive on wedding nights, bridal showers, honeymoon nights, Valentine's Day, Christmas, the best lingerie gift for a bride, wife or girlfriend

Lace Teddy underwear bodysuit is a great confidence enhancer. There is another way to wear this kind of clothes: wear high-rise jeans, denim shorts or short skirts;

Sexy lingerie is characterized by a V-neck, lace trims, open straps, and a low waist open back.

For a more relaxed feel, choose a large size.


It is recommended to use hand sanitizer at a water temperature of 30 degrees.


Size Bust Waist Hips
S 80-84cm/31.4-33.0" 64-68cm/25.2-26.8" 88-92cm/34.6-36.2"
M 84-88cm/33.0-34.6" 68-72cm/26.8-28.3" 92-96cm/36.2-37.8"
L 88-92cm/34.6-36.2" 72-76cm/28.3-29.9" 96-100cm/37.8-39.4"
XL 92-96cm/36.2-37.8" 76-80cm/29.9-31.5" 100-104cm/39.4-40.9"
XXL 96-100cm/37.8-39.4" 80-84cm/31.5-33.1" 104-108cm/40.9-42.5"


Size:S Bust:80-84cm/31.4-33.0" Waist:64-68cm/25.2-26.8" Hips:88-92cm/34.6-36.2"
Size:M Bust:84-88cm/33.0-34.6" Waist:68-72cm/26.8-28.3" Hips:92-96cm/36.2-37.8"
Size:L Bust:88-92cm/34.6-36.2" Waist:72-76cm/28.3-29.9" Hips:96-100cm/37.8-39.4"
Size:XL Bust:92-96cm/36.2-37.8" Waist:76-80cm/29.9-31.5" Hips:100-104cm/39.4-40.9"
Size:XXL Bust:96-100cm/37.8-39.4" Waist:80-84cm/31.5-33.1" Hips:104-108cm/40.9-42.5"


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