New 1.56 Index Prescription Lens for Frame Glasses Men Women lentes opticos Spectacle Lenses High Cylinder from -2.25 to -4.00

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New 1.56 Index Prescription Lens for Frame Glasses  Men Women lentes opticos Spectacle Lenses High Cylinder from -2.25 to -4.00






1.Material:Resin,  New Customized Type 1.56 Index Lens,for SPH +/- 0.25 ,high cylinder from -225 to -400


3.Usage:Good for Half rim and full rim frame,

4.With Green coating, Anti-radiation




Dear Buyers:

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We also provide the prescription lens,and fit the lens to your frame.Please see the way of purchase frame and lens:

The sample for you as below when you write:

What's the PD?


When you have finished an ophthalmic examination or vision test, doctors will write your PD on the prescription. Generally, there are two different PD values.One of them is your basic PD, which is the distance in MM between the centers of your pupils. The other is mono PDs (PD for each eye), two numbers around 30mm. If you don't have any PD values on the prescription, you have rights to contact your doctor/optometrist from whom you received the prescription to get your accurate PD value. 

How to measure PD at Home?

You can ask help from a family member or a friend and let her/him measure out your PD by following the measurements below:



Step 1

Both of you should sit down approximately 45cm apart from each other. The person having his/her PD measured needs to keep both eyes open.

Step 2

Place a simple mm ruler on your nose so that the starting point of the ruler is exactly at your left or right eye pupil. Keep the scale straight.

Step 3

Make Sure to look straight

Step 4

Stand in front of the mirror or ask one of your friend to read the scale to measure the distance between the pupils.

Step 5

Repeat this at least three times to be more accurate. 




1.Item NO.:1.56

2.Lens Material:Resin Lens,Aspheric Lens


4.Normally Packing:1pc/opp bag,12pcs/inner box,300pcs/CTN

Kind Reminder:

For difference between of 1.56&1.61, 1.61 lens much thinner than 1.56 lens,if your diopter is higher,we recommend you to choose the 1.61 lens.







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---------------------------------------------------------Fitting Guide---------------------------------------------------------

Choosing the right frame and color

The appropriate size for sunglasses and eyeglass frames should be proportionate with the face size,which means that smaller eyeglasses frames and sunglasses are the best for smaller faces while larger eyewear look better on larger faces.  The frame shape should contrast the shape of the face (rectangle frame with a round face).  These tips are not rules, but they can assist you in choosing the best frame for every face.


  Oval Face
Any style works for persons with an oval shape. Try with the latest looks such as wraparounds or shields. Also sqaure shaped frames with gently rounded edges and higher temples also look fabulous on an oval face.

Suggested Frames : Any frame shape.




Round Face
This face type should look for frames equal to or slightly wider then the broadest part of the face. To make the face appear longer and thinner,you may minimize the curves and add definition with soft, angular, rectangular styles or double brow styles. To create a longer profile try frames with higher temples. Sunglasses with brow bars also pull the eye upward, making the face appear longer.

Suggested Frames: Wider frames with angular /rectangular styles


  Diamond Face
This face shapes consists of wide or high cheekbones with a narrow forehead and chin. To soften the contour of the face we recommend oval sunglasses. Another fit that will work well with this face is a soft curves square frame. The styles should be no wider then the top of the cheekbones

Suggested Frames: Oval , Square, Rimless


  Square Face
This face shape has a B jaw line, a broad forehead and wide cheekbones. Soft curvy styles will reduce the angles of your face and give you more definition such a cat eyes. We recommend classic ovals for the the face type/shape.

Suggested Frames: Round, Cat Eyes


  Oblong Face
You may widen and shorten the face with sunglass styles that do not go beyond the widest part of the face.  This face type looks better with round or square shapes.  Frames with short horizontal and long vertical lines will also fit well.  Adding decorative or contrasting templates will make the face look wider.

Suggested Frames: Round, Square


  Triangle Face
Triangular shape faces usually have a narrow jaw and wide forehead.  The lower portion of the face can be softened by accenting the eye area.  Styles such as cat eyes should angle outward at the top corner and be wide enough to balance the jaw line.  We recommend trying metal frames with rimless
Suggested Frames: Frames with a straight top line, Cat Eyes Triangular shape faces usually have a narrow jaw and wide forehead.



Pale Complexions

We recommend trying lightweight frames like those with a touch of color such as a rose or amber.  Tortoiseshell frames look great on persons with fair complexions (avoid darker versions) but clear, blue or green tinged frames may drain color from cheeks.

Dark Complexions
Olive Mediterranean, Golden or Asian skin and dark hair look stunning in silver, gold or clear frames.  Avoid black, which can be too heavy for your complexion






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