Mountain Bike Male 26 inch Adult 27 Variable Speed Integral Wheel Double Disc Brake Racing Cross Country Bicycle

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High Carbon Steel Frame

Advanced Welding Technology, High Temperature Electrostatic Paint, We Put a Lot of Effort Into Here.

White Steel Positioning Flywheel

Location, Wear Resistance, Anti-corrosion, Under Load, Can also Get a Smooth and Easy Speed Change Experience, More Accurate Rhythm Control than Ordinary Flywheels.

Relax Travel Mountain Tires

Solid Inside and Outside, Unbreakable, Durable, Grasping Mud Drainage and Stab-proof.

Shock Absorption of Coarsened High-Projectile

Encountering Bumpy Pavement or Decelerating Pavement Front Fork Compression, Alleviate the Impact of Bad Sections, Better Protection of the Main Body, More Comfortable Riding.

Easy Central Axis for Riding

Sealed Waterproof Bearing Axis, Dust-proof, Water-stained, Durable

Split Disc Brake

Heat Dissipation Brake is Stable and Durable, Strong Occlusion Force, Braking Agility, High-speed Braking, Can Quickly Reduce Body Inertia.