Mini Electric Bicycle Double Disc Brake Aluminum Alloy Smart Foldable Electric Bike EU Plug 10AH Battery LED front electric bike

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specification sheet

Bike Model 14EF (Single speed)

Wheel Size 14"

Bike Color Red, Blue, Black, White
Net Weight 17kg
Frame Aluminum alloy 6061 Foldable Frame
Handelbar Sets Aluminum alloy,Foldable Stem, Height Adjustable
Clamps Aluminum alloy,Quick Release 34.9mm
Fork Aluminum Alloy Rigid Fork
Chain YBN-7S
Brake Z.STAR Mechanical Disc Brake
Brake Lever interruption of power supply brake lever
Wheelset Aluminum alloy intergrated wheelset
Tire CST 14x1.95
Grips Ergonomics,Comfortable
Saddle Light and Comfortable for MTB
Pedals Plastic Foldable Pedal
Accessories Rear Kickstand+Tools
Electric Parameters Specification
Riding Mode Electric Power Assist (3 Shifts)
Pure Electric (3 shifts)
Pure Human Riding
Endurance Mileage Electric Power Assist,50~60KM
Pure Electric,25KM
Max speed 30 km/h
Max Load 120 KG
Battery Lithium Battery(CE,FC,ROSH; EVE Energy) ,36V 8AH
Full charging Time 4-6 Hours
Charging&protect Overvoltage,Overcurrent Protection,etc.
ShortCircuit,ReversecConnection Protection,etc.
Motor XiongDa ,Rear Drive,36V 250W
DC Brushless,Toothed,Low resistance&noise
Max Torque 45 N.M
Waterproof grade IP54
Controller 5 Shifts intelligent control system
Sine wave integrated IC control chip
Monitor LCD digital display control instrument
Display Function MPH,Miles,Electricity,Shift,Failure,etc
Setting Function Mileage cleared,Wheel size,etc
Waterproof Grade IPS6
Power assist Sensor 12 Magnetics-Pulse Power assisted Sensor
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