Meeshow Photochromic 1.56 1.61 1.67 Prescription lens sunglasses Lenses with polarized UV400 Photo Gray glasses Myopia Hyperopia

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1.56 1.61 1.67 Prescription lens Photochromic sunglasses Lenses UV400 Photo Gray eyeglasses Myopia Hyperopia Sunglasses Lens



1.56 Aspheric Lenses suggestion power:

     SPH: -0.00 ~ -4.00;CYL: -0.00~-2.00

     SPH: +0.00~+4.00;CYL:+0.00~+2.00


1.61 Aspheric Lenses suggestion power:

     SPH: -0.00 ~ -6.00;CYL: -0.00~-2.00

     SPH: +4.00~+6.00;CYL:+0.00~+2.00


1.67 Aspheric Lenses suggestion power:

     SPH: -0.00 ~ -8.00;CYL: -0.00~-2.00

     SPH: +4.00~+8.00;CYL:+0.00~+2.00


1.74 Aspheric Lenses suggestion power:

     SPH: -3.00 ~ -15.00;CYL: -0.00~-2.00

     SPH: +3.00~+15.00;CYL:+0.00~+2.00



Remark:Prescription lenses under one of below four conditions belongs to customized lenses, lenses factory has to make the lenses specially for you,  will ask for extra cost USD10 or USD20. Thanks for your great understanding!


Cylinder >-2.00 or >+2.00  (USD10)

Cylinder >-4.00 or >+4.00  (USD20)


USD10 or USD20 link:

MR TOUGHNESS lens is specail for Rimess Lens, if you order Model 8505/8506/8508, would not selected 1.56asp Lens, please kindly note it. 12345lens6