LNFCXI A Pair of Optical Lens Prescription Anti Blue Light Photochromic Grey Optical Lens Myopia Presbyopia Scratch-resistant

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Photochromic lenses and blue light

UV protection - Photochromic lenses provide full protection against the harmful UV rays of the sun and direct exposure to sunlight can cause serious eye problems and in some cases blindness.

Convenience - You only need to own 1 pair of glasses for both indoors and outdoors in the sun as opposed to needing to switch between 2 pairs of regular glasses to sunglasses.

Effectively block the eye strain caused by the blue light emitted by the digital electronic screen,

Lens size: diameter 70mm (myopia), 
                  diameter 65mm (presbyopia)
Available colors: gray (film change)
Order preparation time:  3-5 days
The importance of blocking bluelight

Blue light contributes to digital eye strain andcauses oxidative stress in the retina. It's evenpossible that long-term exposure to harmful bluelight from sunlight and the display screens ofcomputers, smartphones and other digital devicesmay increase a person's risk of maculardegeneration and other eye problems later in life.

What are the advantages of photochromic lenses?

- Advantages:
1. They protect your eyes against the harmful UV rays of the sun.
2. They provide the convenience of having clear lenses indoors while having a tinted lens outdoor without the need of having multiple pairs.
3. They provide varying level of tinting based on the lighting conditions of the current situation.
4. They can be placed in almost any frame on the market.

1. They take time to lighten and darken. Darkening takes about a minute while lightening can take 15 minutes or more.
2. The darkening characteristics vary on temperature. The warmer the temperature the less the lenses darken. The colder the temperature the darker the lenses get.
3. Most don't work effectively in a car due to the windshield and windows blocking most of the UV rays needed to darken the lenses.

What lens coatings do you sell?

Our optical lenses come with Anti-Scratch Coating and UV Protection Coating that are both absolutely free. We also offer Anti-Reflective (also known as Anti-Glare) Coatings, which reduce reflection on the lenses and the glare you see while you are wearing your glasses.

How to buy an optician order?

1. Add your favorite frames to your shopping cart - 
    (LNFCXI store)
2. Select your lens according to your prescription
     and add lenses to your shopping cart.
3. Pay in the shopping cart,
4. Provide your prescription to the seller



1.56 Aspheric Lenses suggestion power:

     SPH: -0.50 ~ -4.00;CYL: -0.50~-2.00

     SPH: +0.50~+4.00;CYL:+0.50~+2.00


1.61 Aspheric Lenses suggestion power:

     SPH: -0.50 ~ -6.00;CYL: -0.50~-2.00

     SPH: +4.00~+6.00;CYL:+0.50~+2.00


1.67 Aspheric Lenses suggestion power:

     SPH: -1.00 ~ -8.00;CYL: -0.50~-2.00

     SPH: +4.00~+8.00;CYL:+0.50~+2.00


What are you must accept?

1. Not a lens quality issue, Not we handle the error, we do not accept returns or refunds. 2. The error of 2-5mm in the interpupillary distance is due to the elasticity of the frame and the error in the processing of the equipment, which is unavoidable. 3. The astigmatism angle will have an error of 2-6 degrees, which is caused by the error of the device, which will not affect the wearing experience. Warm tip: configuration glasses belong to product customization,the shop according to the user's optometry prescription to provide various photometric lenses, so consumers must provide true and accurate data, in order to ensure the quality of glasses configuration, if the false configuration data is provided, the shop not negative any responsibility. thank you for understanding!



Q1: How to track my parcel?

A1: You can track your parcel on:   https://www.17track.net/en (Copied to the browser to open).

       For Aliexpress Standard Shipping, please track your parcel on: https://global.cainiao.com/en (Copied to the browser to open).      


Q2: Is there any customs tax?

A2: Due to different policies in different countries, there might be customs tax that should be paid by buyer. 


Q3: What can I do when purchase protection time is running out but I do not receive my parcel yet?

A3: Sometimes it maybe take longer time more than you expected since it`s international business. If your purchase protection time is running out, please contact us and we can help you to extend it. Don't open a dispute before contacting us.


Q4: What can I do if there any defectives in my parcel?

A4: Please leave a message with the picture of defectives on your order before opening disputes, we will make a record and provide the best solution.


Q5: Wholesale and drop shipping are both welcomed in our store!

A5: For wholesale, we will offer discount or free express shipping like DHL, UPS etc.

       For drop shipping, please remark it on your orders, we could send the goods to your customers directly and won't leave our information or promotional.


For more questions, you also could contact Aliexpress customer services: https://helppage.aliexpress.com/buyercenter/index.htm