KATELUO 2020 Day Night Vision Goggles Mens Glasses for Driving Photochromic Men Sunglasses Polarized UV400 Sun Glasses 7759

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Photochromic Polarized Lens

The photochromic lens react to UV light and not to visible light, there are circumstances under which the darkening will not occur. Frist example, is in your car. Because the windshield blocks out most UV light, photochromic lenses will not darken. Second,is indoors test with ordinary lighting(Because the lighting used in daily lighting does not contain ultraviolet light),photochromic lenses will not darken. Exposed to UV rays, as in direct sunlight OR Use ultraviolet light lamp (not ordinary lighting lamp).This is the way to activate the photochromic function of the product.

Photochromic Lens

Just gray photochrimic gray color, silver photochromic gray color, black photochromic gray color, black yellow color, gray yellow color and silver yellow color are photochromic lens, other color lens are not photochromic, please note. If you are not sure, you can contact with our customer, they can recommend for you.

Photochromic Polarized Lens

Photochromic Lens with Intelligent Photosensitivity Factor. Transparent and Clear Lens, Photochromic Uniform. Change with the UV Intensity under the sun. Driving in Tunnel Normally, no need to take off.

Product Colors

a.Gray frame black lens, Black frame black lens, Silver frame black lens b. black frame photochromic gray lens, gray frame photochromic gray lens, silver frame photochromic gray lens c.black frame yellow green lens, gray frame yellow green lens, silver frame yellow green lens, gold frame yellow green lens d. black frame yellow lens, gray frame yellow lens, silver frame yellow lens e. Gold frame green lens All the colors are in stock, if you can't choose the color, please contact with us, we can change it for you.

Aolly Frame

Metal Materials with Fashion Design Strong Pressure Resistance

Silicone Nose Pads

Comfortable, Soft, Adjustable, Reducing Pressure, Suitable Different Nose

High Quality Temple

Curved Design, Comfortable Prevent Falling off