KANSEPT 1.56 Index Photochromic Grey / Brown Aspheric Prescription Brand Resin Lenses Anti UV Oil Water Reflect Glasses Lens

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1.56 Index Photochromic Grey / Brown Aspheric Prescription Resin Lenses Anti UV Oil Water Reflect Glasses Lens

How to buy prescription glasses

1Show your prescription to Customer service

Please offer below information to us!

Prescription Format:

Please upload your scanned prescription paper in the order detailed page, or please write your prescription there as follows:

Note: Remember to write the symbol "+" or "-"

  SPH CYL Axis
R (OD) +1.00 -0.50 060
L (OS) -2.00 -1.25 120
        PD 64 - OR - Right 32 / Left 32 mm
The numbers filled in the table are just taken as an example.


If your eyes have cylinder, please provide the power of cylinder and axis

      For example:
      1.Diopter(S), 2. Pupil distance(PD), 3.Cylinder(C),4.Astigmatism(A)


If your eyes do not have cylinder, please provide the data as below:

      1.Diopter(S), 2. Pupil distance(PD).

What is PD (Pupillary Distance) ?


It is an example.If you do not konw your PD,you can measure it by your friend or family.

How to get the upper data?
1. Go the hospital
2. Go to the professional optical store

3. Use the old data that tested within 2 years.


Our Customer service will recommend you the suitable lens according to your prescription.

2. Add the glasses lenses to your shopping cart

add the suitable glasses lens to your shopping cart.

  3. Choose the frame you like 

Choose your favorite frame and add it to your shopping cart.

4. Payment 

Pay for your frame and lens together .HTB1H41tj7



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What is  Photochromic Glasses Optical Lenses ?

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