Joystar 12 Inch Balance Bike Ultralight Kids Riding Bicycle 1-3 Years Kids Learn to Ride Sports Balance Bike Ride on Toys

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Most popular balance bike now at Aliexpress

Designed for children age 6 months and up

Prelearning cycling · Joy and fun · A new friend

Joystar Balance Bike Features


1.Special Handlebar Design
  Standard 22.2 mm steel handlebar with smooth surface,installed with cute ball at link point to protect tiny hands. 
2.Rubber Grips
  Mini-grips are soft urethane with protective ends.Holes at the end of the grips enable instanll handlebar streamers.
3.Protective Cover
  Focus on details,dog claws increasing the interest of the whole bike.
4.Comfortable Large Saddle
  Tests show larger saddle will be much more comfortable and kids are more willing to sit on it.
5.Quick Release/Seat Clamps
  Machined-aluminum quick release allows "NO TOOLS" height adjustment.
  Unique,frame-integrated footrests are properly positioned directly below the saddle for natural bike balance,This position also fosters the advanced ability to stand shile gliding as well as pumping and jumping the bike.
7.EVA solid non-inflation tire
  Ultralight wheels have a five-spoke design with 10 bearing support guessets for maximum strength at the lightest weight possible.Cartridge bearings roll smoothly and never need adjustment.
  EVA polymer tires are super light,durable,and have a smooth ride while never needing air or going flat.
Color Show
85% assembled in yellow box,enables you and your kids enjoy the joy of installing the bike.
Box size:60*30*15cm
Gross weight:3.2kg
Net Weight
Only 2.7kg ! 
3 years old children can hold up easily.
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Wish you can enjoy tne fun of riding !