IVSTA Polarized Sunglasses Myopia Mirror lenses Optics Night Vision Degree grade Prescription nearsighted 1.56 1.67

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Prescription Format:

Please upload your scanned prescription paper in the order detailed page, or please write your prescription there as follows:

Note: Remember to write the symbol "+" or "-"

  SPH CYL Axis
R (OD) +1.00 -0.50 060
L (OS) -2.00 -1.25 120
        PD 64 - OR - Right 32 / Left 32 mm
The numbers filled in the table are just taken as an example.


What is PD (Pupillary Distance) ?


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 1.It can not accept refund after payment, because regardless of whether the shipment, we have started to prepare the lens, and the lens can not be canceled once the custom orders, we do not accept refund lenses, please understand.

2.Custom lenses require seven days or so, it does not accept a refund, because the lens is already in production.

   please wait it patiently ,

   becasue we need do the lenses very carefully !!!