Gudzws Anti Blue Light Glasses Rectangle Plastic Frame with Metal Bridge Temple Rays Blocking Protect Eyes Vision Unisex

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About the Product

  • The frame is made from high quality and super lightweight plastic,and the nose pad is integrated with the frame.As the bridge and temple are metal made.The material and this design guarantees durability and comfort to wear for a long time.The lens are coated with blue light blocking film or yellow lens are added anti powders in the producing's 100% UV400 to protect eyes.
  • Blue light seriously hurts human eyes,especially today is in vedio time.Our glasses could reduce the harm for eyes.We touch cellphone,computer,TV,other vedio more earlier and frequent.We need these anti blue glasses to protect the eyes.The glasses can cut blue light,reduce eyestrain,and protect the eyesight.
    And these glasses are no strengh but could be used as myopia glasses when changing the lens,since they are high qualiting and stylish design.
  • The glasses frame width is 140mm,Frame height is 42mm,temple is 148mm/157mm;Lens width is 48mm,Lens height is 39mm,Lens total length 123mm,Nose width 24mm;Glasses weight is 21.2g;
  • The package comes with an anti blue light glasses,a soft and useful cleaning cloth;A matched case,which is customized to safeguard the glasses when delivery or on hand everywhere.
  • [1 YEAR WARRANTY+90 Days MONEY BACK GUARANTEE]Please contact us if you have any quality qustions after get this glasses.We are working hard to solve your issue and do our best to satisfy you.Usually we may reply you within 12-36 hours.And we could reship a replacement or refund you to handle this issue.We just believe a good talk is the key for a smooth deal.

What's more

  • People are in a vedio time, we touch these vedioes every day,like computers,cell phones,play game and TV LED displays.That will send out much blue lights for our eyes,then there are increasing dramatical vision problems.So we need a nice anti blue glasses to protect our eyes,safeguard our eyes and reduce digital eyestrain from screen time.Then we can focus on what matters to you,to get a good rest and even have a good sleep when wear them about 15 minutes before go to bed.
  • This price is quite worthy for our glasses,since they are high quality and super lightweight glasses,plastic frame and nose pad with metal top bridge and temple,also have a retro fashion style.And it comes a matched hard case,a cleaning cloth.
  • Please keep contact with us if you have any question for this item or the deal you ordered.We are working hard to reply you within 12-36 hours to satisfy you.You should know a nice talking is the beginning and key important to a good transaction.So have a fun and wonderful purchase here.