Chashma High Quality Index 1.56 Clear Lenses HMC Asphere Prescription Green Coating Lenses Anti Radiation for Myopia Glasses

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We can make myopia glasses and reading glasses according with customer's requirement.

please see below processures how to buy lenses.

How to order prescription lenses?

Step 1: order the optical frame.

Step 2: choose suitable lenses.

Step 3: send us the prescription.

Example 1:

Example 2:

Right (OD): Sphere______ Cyl______ Axis______

Left (OS): Sphere______ Cyl______ Axis______

PD: ______mm



1. There is no PD on my prescription, how can i measure it ?

    Please see blow picture to measure it yourself.

(Right eye)l--------PD size-------l (Left eye)

2. how can i choose the lenses?

3. What is the Index ?
Index decide the lenses thickness. there are Index 1.56, Index 1.60, Index 1.67.... higher index number means thinner lenses.


4. What's the thickness of the lenses ?


5. Why we feel the lenses is a bit thicker ?

There are many differents effect the lenses thickness.
(1). Strength. the strength is higher, the lenses is thicker
(2). Lenses Index. Index is lower, the lenses is thicker.
(3). Frame Size. Frame is bigger, the lenses looks thicker.
(4). PD (pupil distance). people's PD is more difference with Glasses Frame distance, lenses will be moved more, then lenses is thicker.
6. Can i return the lenses ?
(1). We accept return goods if the lenses is not be processed.
(2). We accept return goods if we have processed the lenses, but it's with a quality problem. 
(3). We accept return goods if it's damaged by shippment, but we need a certificate from your local post.
(4). Because lenses is a special products, so we don't accept return it for other reasons, please understand. 
Thank you.