Battery 10Ah 36V and bicycle 250W bicycle folding 20 inch bicycle aid

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Electrical system Primary components
Motor 36v250w no rear traction broom Marco An alloy
Battery lithium battery Wheel Alloy wheel, 16 inch integrated
36v10! 4ah; tyre Kenda 20*1,95
Metro LCD Displayer Light Luz frontal LED con bocina incorporada
Accelerate Finger Accelerator Braking Front of rear disc brake

100 V-240 V 48V2A

Loading time: 3-4 hours

Brake lever

An alloy

Power off to brake

Wuxing brand


Nivel 5

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profit Change N/A
Maximum speed De 30 km/h. hold An alloy
kilometers 50-60 km Madre An alloy
Maximum load 150 Kg seat Aluminum alloy, 27. 2mm

Back! 23,5 KG

¿G.W? : 27 KG

chain Durability, oxidation
Open size 1500*580*1100mm Sprocket 52 T
Collapsible size 800*450*750mm Ride a chair Leather, soft, comfortable
Package size 850*330*710MM pedal Fold

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