48V 1000W Electric Bicycle 20"26" Ebike Motor Kit Hub Motor Wheel Rear Bicycle Electric Bike Conversion Kit Bicicleta Electrica

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1) 1*Motorized rear wheel 48V 1000W 26" * 4.0 fat wheel If you need the tire, you can contact us ,we will change the price. Tire and Tube totally extra:$32 2) 1* Speed sensor & Sensor disc plate 12 pellet 3) 1*Display LCD/ S900/S6 LCD display (When you receive the kit, you can contact the sellers to get the manual of the display) 4) 1*Waterproof main Cable 5) 2* Power cut-off Brake lever/ Brake sensor line 6) 1* Throttle Thumb throttle/ Half twist throttle/ Twist throttle (If you choose the Half twist throttle or the Twist throttle,we will put a set of grips free in the package.) 7) 1 *Controller 8) 1*Headlight 9) 1*Controller box 10) Accessories