4.5M Non-woven Medical Bandage printing adhesive care wound dressing for ankle Hand Leg Sports camping travel first aid survival

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High Elasticity & Self Adhesive-Self adhesive bandage wrap ratio of over 180%, providing adjustable tightening force and excellent support. The bandages sticks to itself not the hair and skin. It is great for applications where adhesive is not wanted. It's great for Great for emergency aid kits and field activities.

VERSATILE BANDAGE-The self adhesive bandage help to secure bandage wraps, relieve swelling and promote healing, ideal for strains and sprains; can provide for swelling, dressing wounds, sprain and general soreness. Self adherent cohesive bandages can also be used for pet wound wraps .

Easy to Use-Each roll is individually wrapped in clear cellophane, clean and hygienic. Self Adhesive Bandage tears easily when you want it to tear, First Aid Wrap used this to keep gauze on a wound, don't worry about adhesive residue.

packaging includes:
1pcs x Medical Bandage