30 Rim High-Carbon Steel road bicycle racing car 21 24 27 30 speed bend double disc brake 700C speed student bicycle black white

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Aluminum VS Steel

Intensity: Steel is much stornger. Weight: Aluminum is much lighter. Corrosion Resistance: Steel is better. Heat Resistance: Steel is better. Electrical Conductivity: Steel is Poor conductor, Aluminum is good conductor. Cost: Aluminum is cheaper.

About Product

Colour Type:. 4 types Material : High carbon steel Speeds types: 21 speeds , 24speeds , 27 speeds, 30 speeds Wheel size: about 26 inch (700C) Bike Weight : about 16 kg Rim: about 30mm Please NOTE: This product is not avaliable to Brazil. Brazil's Custom always detain our product.

Wind Breaking Curved Frame

High carbon steel curved girder sports car frame, spot welding process, electrostatic paint, lightweight, high hardness

Controllable Variable Speed System

Professional Variable Speed, Long Life, High Smooth Variable Speed?

Mechanical Double Disc Brake

Mechanical disc brake, strong braking performance, high stability, long service life, easy maintenance

Seling Center Axle

Smooth experience, high sealability, high stability, three-proof seals, easy maintenance

About shipment

This products is 18kg, the package maybe 20kg, it can't use normal shipping method, because it's too heavy and too large, we may change to other shipping method ,thanks for your understanding, if you don't agree to change shipping method, please do not buy.