26inch Carbon Steel Folding Mountain Bike 21 Speed 3 Knife Wheel Bicycle Double Disc Brakes Bicycle Full Suspension MTB #07

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26in Carbon Steel Mountain Bike Shimanos21 Speed Bicycle Full Suspension MTB

    Magnesium wheel: light and durable
    The bicycle uses high carbon steel mountain bike double suspension, 21-speed gear.
    The 26-inch 6-spoke stylish rims are safer and stronger.
    Front and rear disc brakes and quick release.
    The package includes free pedals and comfortable seats. Rider weight: 100kg, rider height: 160cm-180cm.
    Stylish, high-end suspension, Shimanos Derailleur, SHImanos EF500 3*7 gear lever
    Men's/Ladies' bike

Accessories introduction:

    F/Derailleur: Shimanos TZ-30
    R/Derailleur: Shimanos TZ-50
Dial: EF51-7
    Frame/Fork: bold front fork
    Handlebars/handlebars: one handle
    Tire: Six-cutter wheel
    Frame: High carbon steel shock-absorbing folding frame
    Brakes: BOLIDS disc brakes
Tower wheel: ATA no positioning tower wheel
Foot pedal: mountain bike PC pedal
Chain: non-positioning

product description:

    Tire size: 26 inches
    Product size: 172 x (80-95) cm / 67.7 x (31.5-37.4) inches
    Product folding size: 100x95x35cm / 39.37x37.4x13.78in
    Product packaging size: 135x72x19cm / 52x28x7.5in
    Gross weight: 20kg

Products include:

    1x bike