22 Inch Lightweight folding bike for men bicycle fordable Steel Frame Outdoor biker Small Portable Bicycle Adult Student #C

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22 Inch Lightweight Unfoldable  Mini Bike Small Portable Bicycle Adult Student


Material: Carbon Steel

Load capacity: 85 (kg)
Frame size: 22 inches
Length: 165CM
Tire diameter: 55CM
Seat height: 80CM
Handlebar height: 90CM
Suitable height: 1.45M-1.75CM
22 inch mountain bike with single speed holding brake, single speed disc brake, holding brake shifting
The combination of high carbon steel mountain bike frame and excellent welding technology makes it a durable and stable cruising bike.
It can cope with hilly terrain, and the gear shift is great and smooth. All-terrain wide knob mountain tires are located on lightweight and durable alloy wheels for added stability.
Stunt bikes are ideal for high mountains, wasteland, and are also effective in places such as roads, trails, cities, beaches, or snow. Front and rear disc brakes can help cyclists stay safe even under high speed and low terrain. You can also better control when and where to stop.
The package includes free pedals and comfortable seats. Need to assemble. Necessities include all the tools needed to build and maintain your own bicycle.
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