2020 New Luxury Brand Designer Square Sunglasses Women Oversized Flat Top Sun Glasses Female Vintage Shades For Women Men UV400

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Glasses Care

"1. Regardless of whether it is a spectacle frame or sunglasses, be sure to collect the right leg first, and then the left leg. The wrong approach will cause the glasses to be unbalanced and skewed Uncomfortable after wearing. 2. Remove the mirror face down and put it in the glasses case. Make sure there are no particles in the glasses case to avoid scratching the lenses. If possible, wrap the glasses with the lens cloth before placing Mirror box. 3. After wearing the glasses for a long time, it may be unbalanced or even deformed. It is recommended to adjust to a professional optician regularly. 4, glasses should not be placed in high temperature and humid environment for a long time, such as under the car windshield, bathroom, kitchen, so as not to accelerate the lens aging and frame deformation. 5, take off the glasses must not make the convex surface of the lens contact with the object, so as not to wear the mirror. Lens care: ? The lens is dirty, you can test it with the distribution glasses cloth, or you can rinse it under running water, and then gently dry it with a paper towel Never try with your fingers or hard objects ? If the mirror surface is fogged and the water cannot wash off, you can use water with detergent. Then rinse with running water for a second time. ? When trying on glasses, use special glasses to prevent fine particles from wearing the lenses. Human sweat is corrosive If the glasses are sweaty, they should be cleaned in time. The stains that are difficult to remove on the glasses can be wiped with a low concentration of neutral detergent."

When you receive the goods, please check the goods carefully within 3 days. If the quality of the frame is broken, peeling, or the lens has large area scratches, please contact customer service to return the product.

"satisfaction level: Customer satisfaction is our primary goal. Your positive comments are important to us! !! !! If you are not satisfied, you can contact customer service to solve it, we will solve the problem for you as soon as possible"