1.56 Multi-focus Progressive Prescription Glasses Elderly Women Mens Reading Glasses Clear Lens Optical Glasses lens

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1.Provide the following data,please

No astigmatism: 1. Left eye / right eye degree 2. Pupil distance
astigmatism: 1. Left eye / right eye degree 2. Pupil distance 3. Left eye / right eye astigmatism 4. Astigmatic axis
Measure PD as follows
Women standard PD is 62 mm, Men standard PD is 64 mm, please measure as picture.
Try 3 times and see the average value.
2.Lens 1.56 1.61 1.67 1.74 What does it mean?
Answer: They represent the refractive index of the lens.
In the case of the same degree, the higher the refractive index, the thinner the lens and the higher the price.
1.56 index lens suit for 0------ -400 diopter
1.61 index lens suit for 0------ -600 diopter
1.67 index lens suit for -400--- -650 diopter
3.What is the difference between a spherical and an aspherical lens?
?5. How much will i pay for the Glasses?
  Frame + Lenses = Total Cost, Lenses cutting and assembling is free cost. Lenses cost will be depend on the prescription. 
6.Can i buy Lenses separately?
  Yes, you can.
7. When you will ship the ready Glasses?
  We will ship it within 4 working days for normal prescription glasses.
8.How do I buy eyeglass frames and lenses together?
9. Can I cancel my order? Support for return / exchange products?
Sorry, friend, please understand that once the product is customized, you cannot cancel the order.
All the lenses are custom-ordered. So we will not accept return or exchange if without quality issues.
10. If you have other questions, please feel free to contact us.

Wholesale and drop shipping are both welcomed?

For wholesale,we will offer discount or free express shipping which only takes 5-7 business days to arrive.?For dropshipping,We provide,We will help you better service your customers,please note "dropshipping" below your order. We will remove all ads, paper and seller information.

When is the product sent?
Usually we send within 1 day after payment is received, special condition 2-3 days,
If the product is sold out,we will leave you a message within 1-2 days.
How to get free fast shipping?
If your total order amount  > $150,
We will send by DHL for free. You can receive packages in about 5-7 days.
If you do not want to send by fast shipping,

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What can I do when purchase protection time is running out?
please contact us and we can help you to extend it. So your money will not go to my account.
?If you still do not receive the package for more than 60 days, we will refund you money.


What should I do if I receive a damaged package or wrong product?
Please show us packaging carton and the damaged product , we will resend product or refund money to you.

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