1.56 1.61 Polarized Prescription Sunglasses Plastic Aspheric Glasses Lenses Myopia Hyperopia Presbyopia Mirror Lens

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1.56 Aspheric Lenses suggestion power:
   SPH: -0.50 ~ -4.00;CYL: -0.50~-2.00
   SPH: +0.50~+4.00;CYL:+0.50~+2.00
 1.61 Aspheric Lenses suggestion power:
   SPH: -0.50 ~ -6.00;CYL: -0.50~-2.00
   SPH: +4.00~+6.00;CYL:+0.50~+2.00
Remark:Prescription lenses under one of below 2 conditions belongs to customized lenses, lenses factory has to make the lenses specially for you. Thanks for your great understanding!

Cylinder >-2.00 or >+2.00  (customize)

Cylinder >-3.75 or >+3.75  (customize)

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