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Photochromic Eyeglass Prescription Lenses For Eyes Myopia & Reading


Single Vision: For Myopia Only


  The index you choose depends on the thickness of your lenses, but it also depends on your 
  prescription. Learn more about our 3 different indexes and figure out which one is best for you.


What is Photochromic Lenses?
  Photochromic lens is basically an optical device with photochromic substrates. That is, they tint (turn black) on exposure to UV radiations
  and retain their original state (clear) in the absence of UV radiations.  
  That is, your photochromic glass will turn from clear to tinted, and vice versa.
  Let me take you through a quick review of this process:



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 Anti-Scratch-Coating - ??

The anti-scratch coating is a protective coating applied to the front and back lens surfaces to protect against scratching. Our anti-scratch coatings are all premium and increase a lens' resistance to scratching, but there is no such thing as a scratch-proof lens. The best way to prevent scratching is to make sure that nothing hard (i.e. keys, pavement, etc) comes into contact with the lens surfaces.


Progressive Multifocal Lens

 Progressive-Traditional - ??

 Progressive (no-line) lenses are pre-molded designs with optimized distance, reading, or intermediate zones. At ReplaceALens, we offer hand-picked, well-tested progressives that are proven throughout the industry.

Photochromic lens


Photochromic lens is a lens which darkens on exposure toultraviolet rays (sunlight) and lightens again on removal from thesunlight i.e., the lens changes colour according to lightingconditions. provide improved comfort and protection against bright light. 




Anti-Glare (Computer and Blue-Blocking)


Coatings are now available specifically to work with digital device use. Blue blocking anti-glare coatings protect your eyes from the harmful effects of blue light (HEV) emitted from digital devices. 



Mirror Coatings


Mirror coatings darken the lens and add a 'mirror-like' finish to the front lens surface. We offer mirror coatings in silver, blue, black, green, rose, red, violet, yellow, and gold colors. They include a Sunglass (back-side) Anti-Glare coating to prevent back side reflections. Enhance your look with a mirror!