1.56 1.61 1.67 1.74 Prescription Anti Blue Ray Discoloration Resin Aspheric Optical Glasses Lenses Myopia (Only Lens)

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What lens coatings do you sell? Our optical lenses come with Anti-Scratch Coating and UV Protection Coating that are both absolutely free. We also offer Anti-Reflective (also known as Anti-Glare) Coatings, which reduce reflection on the lenses and the glare you see while you are wearing your glasses. How to buy an optician order? 1. Add your favorite frames to your shopping cart - (CCspace store) 2. Select your lens according to your prescription and add lenses to your shopping cart. 3. Pay in the shopping cart, 4. Provide your prescription to the seller

Customized higher astigmatism lenses If your prescription has a higher astigmatism, Please choose your customization program. Clicking on the image below will open a new page. 1.56 Aspheric Lenses suggestion power: (Myopia) SPH: -0.50 ~ -4.00;CYL: -0.50~-2.00 (Hyperopia) SPH: +0.50~+4.00;CYL:+0.50~+2.00 1.61 Aspheric Lenses suggestion power: (Myopia) SPH: -0.50 ~ -6.00;CYL: -0.50~-2.00 (Hyperopia) SPH: +4.00~+6.00;CYL:+0.50~+2.00 1.67 Aspheric Lenses suggestion power: (Myopia) SPH: -1.00 ~ -8.00;CYL: -0.50~-2.00 (Hyperopia) SPH: +4.00~+8.00;CYL:+0.50~+2.00 1.74 Aspheric Lenses suggestion power: (Myopia) SPH: -3.00 ~ -12.00;CYL: -0.50~-2.00 (Hyperopia) SPH: +0.50~+12.00;CYL:+0.50~+2.00 What are you must accept? 1. Not a lens quality issue, Not we handle the error, we do not accept returns or refunds. 2. The error of 2-5mm in the interpupillary distance is due to the elasticity of the frame and the error in the processing of the equipment, which is unavoidable. 3. The astigmatism angle will have an error of 2-6 degrees, which is caused by the error of the device, which will not affect the wearing experience. Warm tip: configuration glasses belong to product customization,the shop according to the user's optometry prescription to provide various photometric lenses, so consumers must provide true and accurate data, in order to ensure the quality of glasses configuration, if the false configuration data is provided, the shop not negative any responsibility. thank you for understanding!

How to measure the distance? 1. two people face to face. Distance of 30 cm, measured horizontally in front of 5 meters or meters away from a fixed object, the researchers measured the horizontal ruler attached to the root of the nose. 2. the measurement of the ruler zero scale is aligned with the right eye pupil center (or the right pupil edge), the eye pupil center (or left eye pupil edge) corresponding to the ruler scale observation, and record the data. 3. repeat step 2, measure 3-4 times. take the acerage, so the the conventional pupil distance test can be. the pupil distance if the acerage adult male is between 60-73 mm, and the distance between the adult female pupils is between 53-68 mm.