Tosca Rolling Hanger Rack for Wire Laundry Baskets

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A taller version of our popular Tosca Laundry Wagon, this version maintains the airy metal frame that helps keep clothes fresh. Hang shirts and longer garments from the top. Whether to hang clothes for your next workday or to make steaming items a breeze, this lightweight cart can handle it all. Clothes hangers or bags can conveniently be hung on the side.

We recommend placing the large Tosca Laundry Basket at the bottom.

Baskets and wagons sold separately. Lifestyle photos featuring baskets are for inspiration purposes only.

Materials: Steel, Nylon
Dimensions: L 11.4 x W 19.7 x H 55.5 inches
Product weight: 5.1 lbs.
Wood type: Ash | Light clear-coat finish
Load-bearing weight: Base: 11 lbs. | Hanger: 8.8 lbs. each | Hanger sections: 1.1 lbs. each
Assembly: Required